Thursday, February 11, 2016

11-Feb-2016 00:57

Pope Francis’ Guide to Lent: What You Should Give Up This Year (1363169 views) ::

US close: Stocks blow hot and cold as Yellen and oil are immiscible - DIGITALLOOK ::

2 Deputies Dead After Shootout in Maryland Shopping Center ::

S&P 500 ends flat; Fed sees risks but unlikely to reverse course ::

Violette Verdy, a ‘Theatrical’ Star of Balanchine’s City Ballet, Dies at 82 :: Ms. Verdy made her inflected dancing style work with multiple choreographers, including the more straightforward George Balanchine.

S&P 500 erases gains on global growth fears; Europe stocks rise ::

Christie Formally Suspends Presidential Campaign :: The New Jersey governor had a disappointing showing in New Hampshire.

Sanders Raises Millions by Bashing Campaign Finance System ::

Justice Department Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Ferguson ::

How the Supreme Court Just Slowed Climate Effortsâ€"And Why Environmental Activists Remain Optimistic ::

Russia, pressed to end Syria bombing, proposes March truce ::

The War Over the Pentagon Budget ::

Chef Star Jon Favreau Shared His Very Special Cuban Sandwich Recipe ::

Texas A&M to Give Game of Thrones Author an Honorary Degree ::

This One Chart Explains Why Twitter Is in Trouble ::

WWII Veteran Reunites With Long-Lost Love After 70 Years Apart :: A World War II US veteran finally reunited with his wartime girlfriend today after over 71 years apart.

Yellen: Fed not likely to reverse course on rates despite risks ::

Opinionator | Fixes: Staying Sober After Treatment Ends :: Increasingly, continuing care for addicts in recovery means more than handing them a list of A.A. meetings when they leave rehab.

As Bison Becomes More Popular, Two Views Emerge on How to Treat Them :: Old-school ranchers send their bison to feedlots. Others think the animals should be raised as wild as possible.

What John Kasich Needs to Do After New Hampshire ::

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