Friday, February 12, 2016

12-Feb-2016 06:27

Pope Francis’ Guide to Lent: What You Should Give Up This Year (1690746 views) ::

Education May Cut Dementia Risk, Study Finds :: Researchers say people with at least a high school education and healthier lifestyles are aiding a decline in new cases, or staving off dementia longer.

Better Call Roberto: Alagna Steps In to ‘Manon Lescaut’ :: The tenor replaces Jonas Kaufmann in the Metropolitan Opera’s new production to star with the soprano Kristine Opolais.

Gadgetwise: Streamlining the Universal Remote Device :: Many so-called universal remotes are hard to set up, and bury important commands in a remote screen’s submenus.

Authentic Food Is the New Healthy Food - Bloomberg ::

Opinionator | Fixes: Staying Sober After Treatment Ends :: Increasingly, continuing care for addicts in recovery means more than handing them a list of A.A. meetings when they leave rehab.

Point72 Said to Close Rubric Capital as David Rosen Departs - Bloomberg ::

And Then There Were Four: Phone Booths Saved on Upper West Side Sidewalks :: The boxy, glass-enclosed booths that were once ubiquitous on city sidewalks are all but a memory now â€" except for the four that are being replaced by refurbished models.

German Makers Recall 2.3 Million U.S. Vehicles for Takata Bags - Bloomberg ::

Traditionalists Rebuffed as Parliament Turns the Page on Parchment :: For nearly 1,000 years, acts of British Parliament have been recorded on calfskin parchment. Now, the House of Lords is switching to paper.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Year of the Angry Voter :: We seem to be mistaking politicians’ hissy fits for righteous wrath.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The End of the Merkel Era :: Germany’s recent period of centrism and moderation is over. Who knows what comes next?

Feature: Pee-wee’s Big Comeback :: After disappearing for nearly three decades, Paul Reubens’s subversive alter ego returns â€" and seems more radical than ever.

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Is Headed to Broadway :: The producer Scott Rudin has acquired stage rights for Harper Lee’s novel and has hired Aaron Sorkin to adapt the story. Bartlett Sher will direct.

Op-Ed Columnist: The Many Mideast Solutions :: Our presidential candidates can retire their platitudes about standing with Israeli and Sunni Arab allies.

Elena Ferrante Novels Destined for Television Series :: A 32-part adaptation of the novels, which trace the friendship of two women, will be filmed in Italy with the involvement of the pseudonymous author.

Ryan Budget Plan Draws GOP Flak :: House Republican leaders are drawing opposition from party members to the idea of revamping Medicare for more Americans than previously suggested.'s_Most_Popular

TSA to Allow Small Knives on Planes :: The Transportation Security Administration said it would soon allow fliers to carry certain smaller knives onto airplanes, one of the biggest moves to scale back airport-security measures since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.'s_Most_Popular

Venezuela Leader Chávez Dies at 58 :: Hugo Chávez, a former tank commander turned populist politician who used Venezuela's oil riches to pursue his vision of socialism and challenge the U.S., died Tuesday from complications related to cancer.'s_Most_Popular

Cardinals Raise Questions Over Report :: When cardinals enter the Sistine Chapel to elect a new pope, the chapel will become a fortress of the Holy See's most carefully guarded secrets. But there is one secret many of the cardinals themselves are trying to divine.

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